Important Rule Definitions

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Important Rule Definitions

Post by Lord_Klausi on Sun Nov 06, 2016 2:09 pm

Important Rule Definitions

Random Death Match (RDM)
1) Killing without any valid RP reason.
2) You may always defend yourself if you are being attacked.
3) Do not complete hits, kill, or arrest players in spawn unless they have already left the spawn area.
4) Do not complete hits, kill, or arrest players with building signs unless they have left their area or are engaging in RP.

New Life Rule (NLR)
1) Once you die, you forget everything that happened to you in your past life.
2) You may not return to the area where you died until you wait the 5 minute NLR Area cooldown time.
3) Your NLR is not limited to the size of your NLR circle. If you return to the area where you died and continue to influence the ongoing RP, you are breaking NLR.

1) Using information that your RP character does not know.
2) Using your fading door keys to open the keypads and buttons too quickly versus actually using the keypad or button itself. (FDA)
3) Acting upon visual effects or sounds that can be seen/heard through a wall that you wouldn't normally see or hear.
4) Using out-of-character (OOC) information in-character, and vice versa.

Raiding Rules
1) You must wait 10 minutes in-between raiding the same person.
2) Once you've completed your raid, you must leave. You cannot occupy a base/store after a raid.
3) You cannot raid from inaccessible rooftops.
4) You cannot raid the PD from a rooftop or from inside a base.
5) You cannot raid an obviously open/empty base.
6) Walking past the 2nd door in the PD is considered raiding.
7) When raiding the bank/PD, it is Raiders vs. CP. Do not kill other raiders.
Cool Before the use of each explosive weapon such as the Orbital Strike, C4, or nerve gas you must advert a clear warning stating the location of use, give players the opportunity to leave the area.

Gang Territory Rules
1) You must be a raiding class to claim or defend a territory.
2) You may not fire on enemy gangs unless the territory is being captured or defended.
3) You must be in a gang to participate in an ongoing defense/capture.
4) If you enter a contested territory with a gun out, you can be shot by defending/capturing gangs.
5) Corrupt CP may NOT participate in territory wars.
6) You are NOT allowed to capture a territory from the inside of a building.

Kidnapping Rules
1) You must ziptie a person in order to kidnap them.
2) You must issue a text warning (advert or yell) so they are aware of the situation.
3) You can not kidnap in spawn.
4) You must wait 10 minutes between kidnapping the same person.

Default Laws
1) Owning a small handgun is legal.[ALWAYS]
2) Murder, assault, robbery and raiding are illegal activities.[ALWAYS]
3) Jaywalking is legal.[ALWAYS]
4) Firing off any gun in public for any reason other than self defense is illegal.[MAYOR CAN CHANGE]
5) Owning contraband is illegal.[MAYOR CAN CHANGE]

Contraband is: Weed, Weed Plant, Coke, Meth, Heroine, Stove, Printers, Rocket Crate, Health Chargers, Armor Chargers, Unarrest Baton, Stunstick, Lockpick, Silent Lockpick, Pickpocket, Keypad Cracker, Any Explosive, Any weapon that's not a handgun.

Contraband is not: Ammo Crate, Brewing Barrel, Beer, Radio, Medic Kit, Grappling Hook, Bugbait, Knives, Morphine, Ziptie, Pills.


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